Wherever this artificial hydrangea plant is placed, its fresh white and green blossoms sprinkled atop dense green leaves will always grab your attention. With a simple stone planter included, it'll complement any furniture or decorative pieces in your home or office space. At 33 inches tall, you can use it as a centerpiece on your sofa table or as a floor plant by placing it on a tall plant stand to elevate its height more.

33” Hydrangea Artificial Plant in Stone Planter

SKU: 9418
  • Size  

    Height: 33 In.

    Width: 35 In.

    Depth: 14 In.

    Pot Size: H: 9 In. W: 24 In. D: 9 In.


P: 919-452-2870  | F: 919-869-1966

Durham, North Carolina

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